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Robotics at Politecnico di Milano is developed in different laboratories briefly presented in this page.

Please, refer to their sites for further details.


AIRLab caption
The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab (AIRLab) has been established at the Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1973 by Prof. Marco Somalvico. Since then, people belonging to AIRLab are focusing on the major topics of Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering), Robotics (Autonomous robots, Bio-inspired robots), and Computer Vision. Presently, we are focusing on applications of these topics, in these areas: Affective Computing, Agents and Multi-agent systems, Intelligent Signal Analysis, Computational Intelligence and Games, E-Science, Social Software, and Semantic Web. Research on Philosophy of AI is also pursued.

Researchers of this Lab are teaching courses that characterize two of the main tracks of the Computer Engineering course at Polimi ("Artificial Intelligence", and "Robotics"), as well as courses related to these topics at undergraduate, master, and PhD level. About 50 master thesis per year are developed at AIRLab.

AIRLab Contacts: Andrea Bonarini

Tel. +39-02-2399-3535
Fax. +39-02-2399-3411
Email: [Andrea Bonarini]

AIRLab Physical Address: Bdg 7 - Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, I-20133, Milano, Italy
AIRLab Web Adress:


MERLIN caption
MERLIN is the MEchatronics and Robotics Laboratory for INnovation at the Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano. It is formed by a group of people committed to research, innovation and technology transfer in the fields of mechatronics, robotics and motion control. The laboratory supports the research activities in these fields and teaching in several courses at Politecnico di Milano, offered in different undergraduate and graduate programs (in Automation, Computer Science, Electronic, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering).

Presently MERLIN is involved in projects funded by the European Union on industrial robotics, with emphasis on human-robot cooperation and learning by demonstration, and in a project for autonomous driving and navigation of outdoor vehicles.

MERLIN Contacts: Gianantonio Magnani

Tel. +39-02-2399-3673
Fax. +39-02-2399-3412
Email: [Gianantonio Magnani]

MERLIN Contacts: Paolo Rocco

Tel. +39-02-2399-3685
Fax. +39-02-2399-3412
Email: [Paolo Rocco]

MERLIN Physical Address: via Ponzio 34/5, I-20133, Milano, Italy
MERLIN Web Adress:


MASSlab logo.png
The Mechatronics and Smart Structures Lab (M&SSLab) focuses on mechatronics applications ranging from domotics to industrial robotics. Particular emphasis is given to the integrated design of smart systems that couple micro-sensors, energy harvesting devices, miniaturized actuators and innovative control architectures. Thus, the approach needs to be multidisciplinary: combining a thorough understanding of the system, a deep knowledge of edge-cutting sensor and actuator technologies and a comprehensive experience of state-of-the-art control algorithms allows to design groundbreaking devices and systems. For what concerns robotics, high precision redundant architectures (closed loop parallel kinematic chains as well as cooperating robots) have been analyzed, designed and tested together with "soft" systems, combining active, adaptive, self-optimizing, portable plug-and-produce components with advanced sensing and actuating functionalities, in which the deformability of both joints and links is used for improving HRI (human robot interaction) at the cost of more complex control algorithms for compensating vibrations and positioning errors. Autonomous navigation of robotic platforms using both commercial and newly designed sensors with intelligent fail-safe algorithms as well as vision based system for human-robot cooperation in industrial environments are also core research topics at M&SSlab.
M&SSLab Contacts: Ferruccio Resta

Tel. +39-02-2399-8433
Fax. +39-02-2399-8492
Email: [Ferruccio Resta]

M&SSLab Contacts: Francesco Braghin

Tel. +39-02-2399-8306
Fax. +39-02-2399-8492
Email: [Francesco Braghin]

M&SSLab Physical Address: Via La Masa 1, I-20156, Milano, Italy


NearLab caption
The Neuroengineering and medical robotics Laboratory (NearLab) is part of the Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano and includes two sections, NeuroEngineering Section (NES) and the Medical Robotics Section (MRS).

The NeuroEngineering Section aims at the development of innovative methods and devices for neuroscience, including neurorehabilitation, clinical and pharmaceutical applications. NES research activities encompass a vast range of topics in the fields of biomimetic neuroprostheses, bioartificial interfaces and motor control modelling.

The Medical Robotics Section aims at developing innovative methods and devices for clinical and surgical applications. Main current research topics at MRS are related to surgical planning and navigation (e.g. Automatic and intelligent planners for neurosurgical keyhole interventions), surgical robotics (e.g. motion compensation in awake robotic neurosurgery and force feedback and haptics in minimally invasive surgery) and micro-devices for surgery (e.g. Micro-robots propulsion and control for soft tissue burrowing).

NearLab Contacts: Giancarlo Ferrigno, Tel. +39-02-2399-3371 Email: [Giancarlo Ferrigno]
Near MRS Contacts: Elena De Momi

Tel. +39-02-2399-9017 / +39-02-2399-9016
Fax. +39-02-2399-9003 / +39-02-2399-3360
Email: [Elena De Momi]

Near NES Contacts: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Simona Ferrante

Tel. +39-02-2399-3363 / +39-02-2399-9029
Fax. +39-02-2399-3360 / +39-02-2399-9003
Email: [Alessandra Pedrocchi], [Simona Ferrante]

NearLab Physical Address: via Colombo, 40, I-20133, Milano, Italy
NearLab Web Adress:

Phy.Co. Lab

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The Physical Computing Lab has been established by Maximiliano Romero at Design Department at Politecnico di Milano as a physical and virtual meeting point for people interested to the relationships between Physical Computing and Design. Its activities in Robotics are mainly focused on human-robot interaction. In particular, it focuses on the morphological and functional aspects that influence communication.
Phy.Co. Lab Contacts: Maximiliano Romero

Tel. +39 02 2399 7108
Email: [Maximiliano Romero]

Phy.Co. Lab Physical Address: Via Durando 10, Building 7 (Poli.teca), floor -1. CAP 20158 - Milano - Italy
Phy.Co. Web Adress:


VPLab caption
The Virtual Pprototyping Lab (VPLab) is one of the laboratories of the KAEMaRT Group (Knowledge Aided Engineering, Manufacturing and Related Technologies), which has been established and coordinated by Prof. Umberto Cugini since 1979. The VPLab is located ate the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, and is equipped with state of the art technologies, which include Virtual and Augmented Reality visualization systems, 3D interaction devices, haptic systems and robotic-based systems. In the VPLab a group of researchers with interdisciplinary expertise including mechanical engineering, computer engineering, industrial design and cognitive psychology, develops applications for the simulation of real products in virtual environments, and the aesthetic, functional and ergonomic validation product designs. The VPLab hosts students of the M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Virtual Prototyping track) in Design, and PhD students of the PhD course in Mechanical Engineering and of the PhD course in Design.
VPLab Contacts: Umberto Cugini

Tel. +39-02-2399-8257
Fax. +39-02-2399-8202
Email: [Umberto Cugini]

VPLab Contacts: Monica Bordegoni

Tel. +39-02-2399-8260
Fax. +39-02-2399-8202
Email: [Monica Bordegoni]

VPLab Physical Address: Via La Masa 1, I-20156, Milano, Italy
VPLab Web Adress: