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NearLabFerrignoLogoRobocast (439x83).jpg ROBOt and sensor integration for Computer Assisted Surgery and Therapy

Detail of the ROBOCAST project: Targeting of a brain phantom with the multi-robotic chain.

Project Coordinator: Giancarlo Ferrigno (NearLab)

Project Description: The goal of the ROBOCAST project is to provide a system for the assistance of keyhole neurosurgery. The system architecture combines a human-computer interface (HCI), with an intelligent context sensitive communication and a haptic-drive capability, a multiple-robot hierarchical chain with redundant degrees of freedom, an intelligent autonomous trajectory planner, a high level controller and a set of field sensors.

The idea is being developed into a demonstrator for in vitro experimentation in the operating room.

Keywords: Surgical robots,mini-invasive neurosurgery,effective man-machine interaction,autonomy, path planning.

Project Website: